Doing Business in Dubai: Top 4 Opportunities for Start Ups

1. Retail Business in Dubai – Though next and then London, Dubai is recognized as a high area for shopping by people throughout the world. The city state of Dubai is reputed to be home to more than 100 shopping malls that offer just about any product or service you are able to think about. There’s almost no other city in the middle-east that may offer the exact same comfort level as Dubai does.
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What make retail business in Dubai so attractive are the 2 major shopping festivals – Dubai Shopping Festival and Dubai emaar golf expo villas. Though malls dominate Dubai’s skyline, it can also be common to see boutique style retail stores all over Dubai. Retail business in Dubai is estimated to be around USD 17 billion annually. You may need a local sponsor to begin a retail business in Dubai. Market estimates have predicted a 15% growth rate for the retail business in the coming years.

2. Construction Business in Dubai – If you’re planning to begin a construction business in Dubai, you can’t find a better place than here. You can find at the very least 2 major events – Expo 2020 and Dubai Wholesale City that is already attracting construction firms in hordes from throughout the world. In addition to massive investments in high-rise buildings and hotels, Dubai also plans to strengthen its infrastructure on a good plane. Market surveys estimate the construction industry to grow by 9.3% next couple of years and peak around 2020 during the time of the time of Expo2020.

Early indications are that Dubai spent a lot more than USD42.2 in construction activities and potentially this can be more in the years ahead. The greatest patrons of construction industry in Dubai would be the healthcare and hospitality industry. It is estimated that Expo2020 will alone need close to 160,000 rooms. To begin a construction business in Dubai, you should co-opt a local sponsor.

3. Food & Beverage and Hospitality Business in Dubai – It is but natural that F&B and hospital business in Dubai are destined to grow by leaps and bounds in the coming years. The federal government of UAE and particularly the Government of Dubai have traditionally considered tourism and hospitality as engines for growth and nation building. As an entrepreneur you are able to consider starting a cafe, hotel chain, and cafĂ© or hotel apartment. One of the major attraction for entrepreneurs is the Dubai Sports City. The catering business in Dubai can also be set for major changes considering that schools in Dubai are on the list of major benefactors of the catering industry.

You can find 3 major sectors within the catering industry to decide on – quick service restaurants, casual dining places and fine dining. There’s also an enormous market for ethnic food and beverages. Due to the fact a lot more than three-fourth of men and women in Dubai are foreigners, you may also choose a distinct segment eatery that provides quality food at affordable prices to migrants in Dubai.

4. Tourism Related Business in Dubai – Tourism is this kind of wide sector and there are endless opportunities for setting up a vacation related business in Dubai. You can consider opening guide service, room booking and providing logistic supports. Within the tourism industry, you are able to consider a business related to healthcare. Dubai is reputed to own some of the greatest hospitals around the world with medical doctors and paramedical personnel working here. The federal government also invests heavily in the tourism sector and is one of many major areas in which Dubai hopes becoming a world leader. Even conservative estimates claim that by 2020 Dubai’s healthcare industry will attract not less than 0.5 million people generating an overall total revenue of AED 2.6 billion.

What makes Dubai so ideal for tourism is the forthcoming Expo2020 and the planned Dubai Wholesale City Plan. Both have the capability to attract a million plus visitors annually in the immediate future. Dubai already has a large college accommodation capacity and occupancy is considered to be in the region of 85%.

Creating a business in Dubai can’t be anymore easier than what it’s, but, you will certainly want to receive professional advice from a consultancy. The bureaucracy in Dubai moves fast provided you file the best documents on time. Many consultancies also assist business people by arranging realty, registration of company, choosing an office and providing general advisory on setting up a business in Dubai.